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(Aug 01, 2011)
Wensite is closed. Please see Indagoguild.com for new site.
(Dec 21, 2010)
this site sucks!
(May 09, 2010)
haha octavia u big bitch! ... Patiently waiting for a decent game to come out =(
(Apr 30, 2010)
im still playing DDO. Not sure what dolfa & sehv are doing
(Apr 30, 2010)
octavia, whats up buddy!
(Apr 26, 2010)
What's up peeps!?
(Feb 08, 2010)
Dead game....
(Feb 05, 2010)
interesting. AoC had another set of server merges
(Dec 23, 2009)
Merry Xmas!
(Dec 16, 2009)
all games are artificial time sinks as far as I know. I could understand how you don't want to grind any more mmo's after doing it in DDO though
(Dec 15, 2009)
I like that "after ddo comment" ...
(Dec 15, 2009)
Your loss!!!
(Dec 15, 2009)
not interested in artificial timesinks/grind associated with mmo-type games
(Dec 15, 2009)
I'm 100% done with MMOs. After DDO that's it. I'm not touching another mmo. Singleplayer/multiplayer games only (games with no monthly sub &/or no in-game store)
(Dec 14, 2009)
hahhaha! Whats wrong mrs han solo? =p
(Dec 14, 2009)
join the dark side...
(Dec 14, 2009)
Vhlad you're not even going to play Star Wars, are you?
(Dec 13, 2009)
bastards, my name is retarded
(Dec 13, 2009)
I thought it was obligatory lol
(Dec 13, 2009)
I see the darth title is catching on! haha i just did it as a joke